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 it's monday!! i dont like monday~~
i am here,, but i dont want to write anything,,
so i decide to upload my resume-edited-polyvore collection,,
i've combined and edited some photos,, some photos i havent make reviews so you can just see it first..i already upload 15 photos in instagram today and this is it,, just take a look ok!

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 hai hai again with me

Hai there,, is there anyone read my blog?? Hiii it’s ok.. maybe someday many people visit my blog,, (amin~~).. so,, it’s been a verrryyy long time i didnt update any post in my blog keee,, i just too lazy this day,, forgive me my blog,,
for this one you can just be simple yet stylish.. so the left will give a more semi-formal look by combining your sweet printed dress with leather vest. for this look you need to pair it up with stap-heels. i bought the similar one with those pair in the picture in Matahari Department store about 170.000IDR :) quite cheap right.. And then for the right one,,, hmm this kind of style is just the simple one by wearing your casual jeans with a loose tie or sweater. For the denim boots, you can find it in ESPRIT store i forget about the price,, my sister bought it for me when we were in Singapore.. :)

Lace is heppening right? (at least here in my country). You maight bored with lace dress or lace top,, but this time let’s make lace in bottom,, yeah skirt lace, choose the tight one (pencil-skirt style and looks better if it’s above your knee) if you put it this way, it will make a shape to your lower body,, your leg will look longer..and for the top,, just wear simple cropped tie and put on (or not) an outterwearand it will look ok for your summer time~~ 
Hey so here is the news,, i resigned from my job,, i am an unemplyed-girl,, lazying around with some korean dramas and sometimes helping my father with his job,, and of course doing polyvore,,oh yeah gonno tell you something,, finally i got my first archieve in polyvore group contest,, yuhuuu one of my creation i have reviewed before.. you can check on my polyvore profile here
And this time let’s just continue reviewing.. becaouse these days are TOO HOT in my city i think i will make some suggestion about summer look,, ok right?! Here is the first one
 i have ever watched a drama which is one of the main role was a shoe designer,, her character was so inspiratif (for me) and i always remember what she said that woman are born to wear heels and heels give her strengh to face the world.. and yes,, sometimes i get more confidance by wearing heels,, i love heels..

anyway i got trouble with my laptop's wifi connector so i think i will just end it here,, will continue it later..ok then by,,

visit my polyvore creation ^^

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 in style with kebaya..^^
hola everybody,,,
yesterday was my friends wedding,, i confused to decide what to wear at first since i know that it will be a big wedding event,, and in the end, i choosed to wear my kebaya that i designed it myself for my graduation day, and i get an idea to post my only one kebaya and how to wear it in 3 different events,,
here it is..

i wore the same kebaya in 3 different style,, i even wore the same heels too,, but i feels different because i matched it with black denim for wedding party, and the two ways i wore 'jarik' for my graduation days.

which one you choose?

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 you can see it again..
hai again there.. (hoping someone~~) :)
i hope you already saw my previous post about the fashion looks,, so here i come again with some new looks that i made..actually i want to post about my experience in traveling to Singapore w/ my sister last year, but i saw my friend's comments in my perevioust post about style,  so i decide to post it first hee since i already have some pics left  to publish..
ah, if you have some ideas and requests about what will you wear today, please feel freely to ask me ^^ i will make it later  ohoo...
so lets start with the first one,, this one is the first i made around months ago, while i was so bores with my everyday activity,, and i found it fun, just want you to know, i made it only with my phone *0* hohooo (love you my xperia-arc!)

if you are a friend of mine, of course you know that i love k-pop right? hehee so this pic below are inspired by Yoo eun hye's airport style. actually i personally like yoo eunhye's style since her drama in Princess Hours (watched it?). i love her casual office style in her drama Lie to Me too (recommended for you who are office worker^^). her looks are always stylish and cool..
her style here is simple, yet stylish. to make your body propotion looks tall, 
be brave to wear short pants and heels boots.
mine: boots are bought in Esprit Store, Singapore about 70's dollars(forgot) and
the long cardigan bought in Puja's, Jalan Solo, about IDR80000 (included t-shirt dress! very chearp right!!!)

Lets back to the polyvore update..
 this one is simple one, you can just wear any collection from your closet.
And this style are suitable for any casual or semi-formal situation. 
the point look of this style is in the combination of your casual t-shirt and legging to 
be wear together with high lace boots and colored blazed. 
to some friends who wear hijab, i think this one will good for you too. in case for non-hijab people 
will use the long scraf as acessories, but for those who wear hijab can use it as hijab 
(i recommend you to choose the one that popular now called jilbab pelangi)

 when i made this style i was inspired by Hong Sena character in korean drama Rooftop Prince 
played by Jung yoo mi. In some of her style looks, she always wear a simple yet 
beautiful wooden heels (i dont know what it called ehehee) and short pants or skirt (that not tight one!), 
and for the top, wear something loose with long sleeve or wear 2 pieces of inner wear and outer wear 
but still choose something with long sleeve, because it will make your look more decent 
even you wear a short skirt/pant.
If you want this kind of heels (i want it actually heee) you can buy it in centro already has this kind of heels, 
the price about IDR300000-500000. and the one that i got has a simple strap 
like that but wedges style i bought it in The Little Things She Need's store, 
about IDR 235000 (if i am not mistaken)
in this style, when i made it, i thin simple is the main focus here, and also Brown!
yeah i love chocolate color here.But still wear your heels! (i love heels too!)
I recommen you to wear something like sleeve-less loose dress which has an asymmetric below. 
and wear together with high cut loose t-shirt. perfect right!?
ahh for you who live in jogja, you can find this kind of heels in Otani's store (in Malioboro one, 
Otani's Ambarukmo plaza doesnt has it) about IDR200000 and for this kind of dress you can find it in 
Friday to Sunday boutique (In Amplas, i dont know if this sagan's store has it or not) 
about IDR170000-180000 (i forgot)

old school denim's look are back (is it???) if you have denim jackets and looks unstylish,, 
dont throw it away,, give it to me,, heheheee i want it,, but my friend that had it, she sold it :(
you can re-touch it anway, wear it with a simple dress and a wedges,,
it will look simple but cute ^^
ahhhhh the wedges that i talked before, looks like this one,,

okay,, it's already 20minutes past 11 am! i got to go,, 
i got a wedding invitation of a friend of mine today,, and i still confuse what to wear,, ahhh.,,
i want to go shopping heheee...

ah ya,, me and my friends will open a garage sale tommorow in sunmor UGM,, come to visit ya,, ohohooo

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"you can see it again.." was Posted On: Friday, August 31, 2012 @9:27 PM | 0 it's comments
 I change it!
new skin~~
found a cute skin in web and decide to use it as my skin blog,, hohooo,,
but i havent finish editing this layout,, because my laptop cant cun photoshop,, ithink i did wrong when installed it,, gahhhh~~

i was not busy at work today,, so i was just browsing in internet about furniture and materials,, and i got more knowledge today. i 'll give you those link that i visited today, here, so inspiring, they give me more information about making the furniture's process.

and also here, visit ikeahackers, they show you about how to redesign your interior furniture, and mydeco to challange yourself by creating 3D view on this web, LIVE!! ehehee:)

did you watch korean drama PERSONAL TASTE ? yeah i got inspired by the female character, Park Kae In (Son Ye Jin), as you know, she is a furniture designer, she has her own workshop room,, i want it too..i want to produce my own design someday..
ah,, my friend told me that Kae In realy look like me sometimes,, careless.. dream workshop room..; MBC korea

so, i just found out that i made some sketch when i was doing nothing at work,, and i will keep it,, so i can make it real someday,, hohoo,, will you buy it from me :) hiiiiiiii

how?how?how? :)

okay enough! already 10pm! need to sleep~~
see yaa..

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 job, dreams, and carreer.. THINK!
so hai again,, (if there anyone who read my blog . . .) :)
after days pass,, here i go  again,, actually this time i am not bring up some updates from my polyvore ehee,,
did you read my title up there?? yup yup yup,, this is a story behind the scene my life (cieh~) because today a friend of mine was talking to me about her depression and thinking to resign (same with me noh!) and but because i'm not good in giving advise to people,, so i decide to write this.. i hope it will help you to decide your life.. (i hope lhoh!)

first one,, for you who are a fresh graduate man and looking for job, i suggest you to THINK deeply. it's important to choose what are you interested in. It's not that you're being idealist or something but i wont you regret it someday. You need to enjoy your work right.. Decide what do you want, what are you interested in, and what kind of job are appropriate you. 

in my opinion, there are only 2 things that binding you to stay at your current job, first one, you got high salaries but you dont think that your job is what you want. In this case, you have no choice but stay, learn and do your cob well.

second one, you really like your job, but you got just enough payment from this. in this case, i think you will survive because you got satisfaction from what you earn in this job.
so choose which one is your choice now.

did you??
and now, for you who are currently employed and thinking to resign (like me). ask this to your self? "ARE YOU SURE??" and "REALY?" 
what your reason for leaving your job? you need strong reason to decide it, 
in my case, i really dont want this job from the start, it is not that i dont thank them for employing me, but i just feel it is not what i want. of course i try my best for doing my job this 5 months, but still... beside that, they dont pay me too small..
and i really have a big dream,, and i want to try to reach it..start from now..
ah back to the topic, if you are in dilema, i recommend you to consult with friends, elders, sisters, brothers as many as you can. ask them for advice. and if you really want to quit, start to look for replacement, or any plan that guarantee you to survive.
make the target, if you already have a plan or replacement, dont be silly by quiting immediately, take your time, decide the day, it's better you ask for resignation one month before so they will prepare for your replacement. ah,,, dont forget to check your contract.

right now i am waiting for 'the day'. I am going to tell them about my resignation next week, early week, and September is going to be my las month working as an employee there,,, yay!
i have many thing in my mind right now,,, too excited hahhaaa i hope i will success with my plan, so i can make my parents and my family proud of me,,,

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 you can see it,,,
i play polyvore too much lately,, hehee,,, because it is fun right?? --for those who like to shop but dont have enough mone like me kekeee...

so,, here they are,, some of my creation there..
you can visit my polyvore account directly here
hope it will inspire you.. ^^ have fun

 this asymetric  skirt is quite famous thesedays right? but becareful if u wear it, 
sometimes you will look shorter..but dont worry you can wear high heels or will make your legs look slimmer
but for you who are tall have slim leg..lucky for you, it fits well on your body, just wear a sneakers an .. voila.. it is perfect..
you can cut it to be casual short pant or just roll-up and wear it with your loose-shirt and scaft..

 pencil-skirt is never die,, wear it with simple top and cardigan,, and your heels to complete it,,
and for the shopping duties.. just wear a simple shirt and denim jeans and boots and it will be perfect..
 summer shopping time!!
take your maxi dress out from your wardrobe,, its ok to wear your wedges or flipflop..
but dont forget to bring your sun hat ^^

ahahahaa,, so this style was inspired by UEE of afterschool in her dramas 'OJAKGYO BROTHERS'
she was wearing this boots so often and match it with short denim pants and sleeveless top
pssstt~ anyway i bought this boots^^ but the chocolate ones,,
if you want, you can find it in mangga dua pasar baru,, around IDR300.000

ok,, i am tired,, i will just end it here today,, i got to do my work,,hohoo
i still have some sets left,, but i will review it next time,,

i will open my own clothing line someday,, please be my costumer \\*0*// hiiii

see ya~~
thax for visiting my blog

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